cast iron fire back custom made

Cast iron Fireback  of Lunaway well as being a precious ornament ensure greater life to the hearth thanks to impressive quality of the cast iron, which stores and reflects heat long after you turn off the fire.

In order to make the most of the warmth of your fireplace we recommend that you cover it entirely of cast iron; in this way you will protect both the area of the fire, avoiding the collapse of the interior, both walls will no longer absorb the waste heat.

Can I have custom sizes?

Is it possible to realize any type of shape and size due to the excellent processing properties of the cast iron. It can be drilled and cut and shaped with appropriate tools to install them on all types of fireplace, fireplace stove or boiler.

For this, it is necessary to send the sketch of your fireplace and floor-fire with detailed dimensional report (by both electronic or pencil drawing) showing the internal dimensions of the sides, the total height that you want to play and to the base indicate, if necessary, the position of the hole for the grate and ash drawer, helping air circulation, will also increase the chimney draft (to make changes to draft suggest the involvement of an heating contractor).realizzazione di qualsiasi tipo di forma e dimensione grazie alle ottime proprietà di lavorazione della ghisa

We can make in a single cast slabs up to size 130 x 130 cm, but where possible, we recommend to install smaller sizes, have less risk of breakage during withdrawal/extension and are definitely more manageable for installation.

It is important to remember that cast iron, at a temperature of 500 ° C degrees, has an expansion of about 1% so when you order we will ask if you have taken account of this parameter.

The weight of the slabs to measure and expressed in kg: width x height x thickness x 7.25 / 1000 (Dimensions in cm).

Can I put any decor?

Is it possible to insert all the decorations that you will find in the following pages from the minimum size listed.

È possibile inserire tutti i decori di cui disponiamo a partire dalla dimensione minima indicataExample: Adjacent figure:  the slab model locksmiths have a minimum size of 57x47 cm, if we want to achieve with a pediment measures 70 x 65 will use a LL7070 that we will cut to size. The fireback is placed in the center adorned unless otherwise indicated (A = B =11,5;  C = D = 9).

o order custom sizes you need to send a pencil sketch showing the shape and size required choice (to be specified as in fig. A if you want the figure is not central). The decorated fireback shall be fixed on a smooth cast iron fireback.

It’s also possible to create custom molds with coats of arms, rosettes, dates and names calling for the realization of the modeling. Our craftsman can copy accurately drawings or carvings and the mold can be used not only for slabs from fireplace but for any need.

How can be fixed?

The firebacks, by the nature of the cast iron dilate 1 cm per meter. We therefore recommend that, at the time of purchase, to take account of this space to allow dilation and avoid breakage. The front and side firebacks should be placed slightly tilted so as shown in fig..

It is recommended to fix the firebacks with grappa GRA* on the top or side of the fireback, leaving a tolerance of 0,3 cm.

The base can be placed under the slabs or contrasting with the same, according to preference. to improve utilization plan to stay on the sand, which enhances the properties of refraction of the heat of cast iron.


  • In galvanized steel, they are ideal for fixing cast iron firebacks.

Fireplace base realized from a sheet of cast iron of 50 x 60 cm

Service cut to size

1 cut

2 cuts

3 or more cuts

Cut for ashtray box

euro 11,00

euro 14,00

euro 22,00

euro 22,00

The cuts are per each fireplace plate

custom made firebacks

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